The project in brief

After having had your eyes open for a renovation project of an old Fiat 500, suddenly we become aware of, not only one but two, Fiat Nuova 500 were for sale, both sold as new back in 1958 via an Fiat dealer in Sweden. We had some luck and bought both cars. Now the process begin of restoring them back to their original glory. The work is performed in a hobby garage just outside Malmö in southern Sweden. Follow the progress under the tab "FOLLOW THE WORK"

Short history of the FIAT 500 NUOVA

Fiat 500, also called the Fiat Nuova 500 is a car manufactured by the Italian car manufacturer Fiat between 1957 and 1975.

Nuova 500 was first introduced in July 1957. It was designed to compete with the micro cars that were popular in Europe during the 1950s. The technical architecture followed the larger 600 model, with rear engine, monocoque body with suicide doors and independent suspension all around, but the mechanics were simpler, with air-cooled twin-cylinder engine of 13 hp and non-synchromesh gearbox.